Plugable Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

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Plugable Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard Compatible with iPad, iPhones, Android, and Windows - Full-Size Multi-Device Keyboard, Wireless and Portable with Included Stand for iPad/iPhone (11.5 inches)

A Keyboard for Your Phone or Tablet

The Plugable Folding Bluetooth Keyboard BT-KEY3XL is small, convenient, and easy to use with any phone or tablet. Whether you're texting, sending emails, or writing a report this keyboard is great for planes, coffee shops, and more! Yet, when you are ready to go, it folds smaller than a paperback book and fits right in a bag or briefcase with your tablet or phone.


Experience the ease of typing on a keyboard while away from your desk. The normal-size keys are properly spaced for accurate typing and have a crisp and familiar touch, with the precise scissor switch mechanism found on quality desktop and laptop keyboards.


Minutes of charging give you hours of use! Plug the keyboard into a USB charger or computer. Check on the keyboard's charge level by pressing Fn + Right Alt. The power LED indicates the battery level from 4 flashes (full) to 1 flash (needs charging).

Use the Case as a Stand

The included case protects your keyboard when stowed, then a quick flip of the cover turns it into an adjustable stand for your phone or tablet. The fitted case is lined with soft microfiber on the inside to protect the keyboard with a soft leather-like surface on the outside.


The Plugable keyboard connects via both Bluetooth and USB. It features USB charging and compatibility modes for iOS, Android, and Windows. A row of dedicated special keys and quick two-finger key combos give you lots of control over your devices, such as:

  • Delete, Esc, F1-12 (Fn + Top Row Keys): Windows
  • Navigation keys (Home, End, Page Up/Down): iOS, Android, Windows, Mac
  • Media keys (Pause/Play, Forward, Back, Volume Up/Down): iOS, Android, Mac (iTunes)
  • Edit keys (Copy, Cut, Paste, Select All): iOS
  • and more!


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